HANNA Fire Opal Bracelet

HANNA Fire Opal Bracelet

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Bracelet with a round fire opal pendant and lobster clasp closure.
Pendant: Fire Opal stone of sexuality 


  • Chain: 6.5-7" Length
  • Pendant: approx. 0.25 inches

Material: 14K gold-filled OR Sterling Silver

Fire Opal  is used for confidence

Keywords: Love, Passion

Fire Opal encourages healthy and positive sexuality. It will also promote loving and kind relationships.

Fire Opal stone is deeply connected to our sensual selves. If you have found your intimacy lacking of late, either from yourself or towards yourself from others, this crystal can help you.  There’s a playfulness to the passion that this stone brings, which means that it activates a really strong emotional side of you that’s positive and confident.

Origin: Handmade in Los Angeles, CA.